Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Thirty Days hath September - Day Twenty Part Three - The day after London

Lots of things have collided for me today.

Working with Claire has just been a joy, if you haven't ever had a go at collaboration, do it. You will only benefit from swapping information, helping each other, creating things and on top of all of that you start artistic friendships that cannot be anything but a positive experience.

What it has done for me is give me a much needed artistic boost as I was starting to flag creatively. A day in London yesterday coupled with exposure to new 'stuff' has re-started me so that I have created a piece off-plan.

When we were exploring yesterday, we deviated from our musical journey to go to the National Maritime Museum and to cut a very long story short, I have always been fascinated by the Battle of Trafalgar. I have ancestors that were heavily involved, my uncle is a bit of an authority on it and took me too see HMS Victory when I was a kid, plus my fascination with letters, maps and the autograph book that has featured in this challenge already.

Put all this together and what do you get?

Using found pages from the autograph book, a piece of slate left over from my demonstration on alternative surfaces and the stencils I bought from Claire today, this piece has just fallen out of my head and I'm so chuffed with it.

Would you like to learn more about it? Tune in to the auction on the 30th and I will be more than happy to tell you the tale of my ancestors and all of the inspiration that led to it.

Ooo, I'm SUCH a tease!

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