Thursday, 7 September 2017

Thirty Days hath September - Day Seven - Susannah Middleton

I'm up bright and early this morning - okay, less of the bright, more of the early - due to three Golden Retrievers sitting around the bed willing me to get up.

As dozy as I was, I was eager to see how yesterday's experiments had fared and I was surprised to see that one of the old letters I had used had been rendered completely transparent by the resin.

So my first job today was to add some more collage back on the top of the first coat of resin and then apply another to finish it off. You will be able to see the finished pieces in the auction...if they have worked!

Staying in my family home has brought back a project I worked on while I was studying for my Fine Art degree, all based around the life of one of my ancestors - Susannah Middleton. You can read more about this amazing lady here on the National Maritime Museum's website:
Susannah's words have inspired me for years now and a piece that I created after my degree with the silk weaver Debby Kirby is hanging in the hall of my parent's house.

With the autograph book, philately and now Susannah coming back in to my path, perhaps this was going to be a time to look again at this inspiration and re-ignite new works of art? After all, that is what Thirty Days is all about and I know that several of you have been in touch to say that you are discovering new things about your work during this challenge.

In my box of collage was a piece I put together for an exhibition years ago, using Susannah as a starting point but the glass had broken and it was sitting there waiting for me to intervene.

So this morning I have dismantled it!

I will now be spending the day using the skills I learnt yesterday and making a few more jewellery pieces from it and hopefully they will be able to be seen on social media and my website later today when they have dried. Putting them in the auction will be an interesting exercise as they will very much be a piece of me - will people be interested in bidding? Will I be able to let them go?


  1. Have a lovely and exciting day Alison....loving your thirty days xx.

  2. I absolutely LOVE the pendants Alison. Just up my street. Well done. I'm enjoying your 30 days too 😉

  3. I absolutely LOVE the pendants Alison. Just up my street. Well done. I'm enjoying your 30 days too 😉

  4. Thanks folks, Working late tonight so that hopefully I can give Day Eight my full attention :-)