Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Thirty Days hath September - Day Six - A special birthday

A different location for me today, I'm house sitting for my parents while my Dad whisks my Mum off for a surprise trip for her 'special' birthday. We don't talk about the's just 'special'.

Being back in the house I grew up in is lovely, lots of memories and surrounded by all the things that make me feel at home - photographs, furniture and a few four legged creatures to care for. One of the things that will always remind me of home is Dad's stamp collection, it's more than a hobby to him and has been a source of fascination to me for all my life as each stamp is a miniature work of art.

This was going to be my staring point for a project today but I hadn't accounted for what Dad was going to present me with. I'd asked him for some old stamps, thinking that I would use them for collage but he also presented me with a few old envelopes, beautifully hand written and aesthetically very pleasing indeed.

I had brought a travelling kit with me, just to see what materialised today but I had also brought a few jewellery making things as jewellery has been my hobby for years, making up bits and pieces for friends and messing about with beads. Recently I had become interested in resin casting and treated myself to some bezels and decent resin so this seemed a great opportunity to put it all together.
Using my collage techniques I began to assemble layers of paper to see what I could put together:

Then after a bit of time spent on Pinterest and reading up on the Pebeo website how to use their products I began to put together a few things to see what happened.

I'm writing this blog having half filled them with resin as I'm reliably informed that it needs to be done in two layers and I'll get back to you tomorrow with how it turns out. Could this be the start of a whole new product line for me?


  1. These are going to be beautiful Alison xx.

  2. Love them...but please don't encourage new hobbies. I have neither the time, space, or funds! However, i can't wait to see them tomorrow.

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  4. Only joking.... I'm so easily led! 🤣

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  6. Thanks everyone, I'm doing an update on how this went today and how addictive a hobby it is - Sorry Sheila!