Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Thirty days hath September - Day Twelve - Oak leaves at SAA HQ

Just in case you are clever and thinking to yourself 'how has she published a blog, when she will be driving back from Newark?' you are correct, I'm not, and this post has been scheduled. If you weren't thinking that then rats, I could have got away with it.

Today will have seen me run a workshop for one of my supporting partners, The SAA, an amazing company that has the sole purpose of helping you with your artistic needs, no matter what your proficiency. I have had the great honour of working with them for just over three years now and they are incredibly supportive of what I do, so when I went to them and asked if it would be possible to host a workshop at their headquarters, they said 'of course' and that is what I have been up to today.

The fantastic news is that you will be able to watch the workshop via their live stream so for today I will leave you with the link to be able to watch at your leisure, we will have tackled part of the painting which started the whole thing off, I do hope you enjoy it.

Alison's Oakleaf Workshop with the SAA


  1. Can't get it to work, Alison. I'll try on the SEA website. Thanks anyway x

  2. Hi Sheila, The link is working, or at least it is on my computer but you can absolutely get it by going through the SAA website.