Wednesday, 30 August 2017

It's all ahead of me, argh!

Hello lovely blog followers,
You may or may not know that I am about to embark on one of the biggest art challenges of my career next month and it's fair to say that I am starting to get butterflies.
They only started fluttering yesterday when a fabulous article was published by the guys over at Paint magazine and when I saw it all in print, it became a little bit real.

It's that kind of nervous excited, not quite as dramatic as my wedding day but a bit more than stepping out on stage - somewhere in the middle. My husband can't understand why I'm nervous but I've talked this event up for so long that now it's time to deliver it and I just want to get started. So stay tuned to this page and I promise to blog every day during September with what I have been up to. Sometimes the blogs will be a 'sit down with a cup of tea' and sometimes they will only require you to flick the kettle on but I will be here everyday and I hope you can join me, Ali

Saturday, 5 August 2017


Hello everyone!
One of my lovely supporters on Facebook pointed out that my blog has been a little neglected. I thought to myself 'oh it was only recently that I posted' and then realised that it was back in June - whoops. Sorry folks, what can I say, I've been a tad busy with my very exciting project 'Thirty Days hath September' and our house has recently turned in to a bird rescue centre.
Very soon you will hear about Thirty Days via my Facebook and social media pages but just for today I thought I would share some great news on here first. At the end of May, my husband brought home a tiny pheasant chick which had been found in the jaws of a cat. He proceeded to bring it home, thinking it only had a few hours left and here we are at the beginning of August with a fully fledged juvenile.
We had every intention of releasing it back in the wild but both parties became very attached to one another so the decision has been made for it to stay. Hubby is in the process of building it's new lodgings and I couldn't be happier, she is full of personality and very happy in her new home, although has started imitating the Jack Russells so possibly a very mixed up bird.
I hope you are all enjoying the remainder of the summer, my Summer Schools are starting next week so Phez, Hubby, Riley, Troy and I are all looking forward to welcoming the students to the studio.