Thursday, 31 March 2016

Waiting for the Postman

My solo exhibition went up yesterday at Highcliffe Castle, if you are local to me then may I suggest you call in if you get a moment? For no other reason than it is the most beautiful building with a very interesting history, including once being the home of Mr. Selfridge! If you happen to be somewhere else on our planet, look it up as you will be fascinated by the story that it has to tell and therefore I feel very honoured to be asked to exhibit there.
I had promised many of you that I would blog during the duration of the show and let you in on a few of the stories associated with my work. I thought I would start today with this piece called 'Waiting for the Postman' and depicts my two Jack Russells (Troy on the left and Riley on the right) in their morning sentry duty at my front window, guarding me from the horrors of the man who dares to bring my correspondence to the door. They can't understand why I'm so ungrateful, they save me from this terror on a daily basis and all I do in return is shut them in the lounge......
The painting is mixed media and includes a selection of stamps used as collage items in the background. My Dad is an avid philatelist so I asked him for a few worthless examples to help to tell the story, there is even a stamp with a squirrel on it (top right) just to torment my boys even more. The main media is watercolour but I have included a little powdered ink and pastel to help with the fur over some of the collage materials that I laid down at the start of the piece. The painting is for sale and if you would like any more information, please feel free to get in touch for a no obligation chat via my email