Tuesday 31 January 2012

Getting my proposal ready and some inspirational news!

So, today I got up early and promised myself that I would put every effort in to writing my two proposals. If you are new to this blog then let me explain...
As part of my degree course we are offered the opportunity to propose work to be placed in the Lower Gardens, Bournemouth as part of an outdoor exhibition which will be run by the students themselves with the assistance of a Lead Artist and this year we are lucky enough to have the services of Emma Purchase, who I have found to be very inspirational and enthusiastic. Part of this process is to be able to write a succinct and informative outline of the work we intend to produce, a way of 'selling' ourselves if you like. Carrying on from my previous investigations and using the letters from my ancestor Susannah Middleton, I have provisionally made two proposals. The first I have named 'Are You Here?' and I intend to place 'information points' at three locations in the space where I will spend an allotted time each day recording what I see and hear around me, encouraging the general public to be included and to participate by leaving my documentation behind in a perpetual display. The second is titled 'To whom it may concern...' and this is the piece I have been experimenting with recently (see the previous entry) as it hasn't all gone to plan. However this week a very helpful member of staff from the Gardens has been very patient in answering my questions regarding litter picking (it will all become clear from the previous blog!) and has made some suggestions on how this could logistically work. The proposals have to be in by the 8th but I have finished mine early because:  a. I have OCD when it comes to deadlines and b. to see what other people make of the document before handing it in. We are going to be notified by email on the 14th to inform us whether we have been successful or not and as you can imagine, I have some very talented classmates so fingers crossed.
In other news, a few weeks ago I sent a cheeky email to the assistant archivist at the Caird Library (National Maritime Museum), Richard Wragg, who has been very supportive and interested in the work I am producing. He kindly replied to me a few days ago with the news that he is willing to include my work in the blog that he produces for the library. This news could not have come at a better time for me and has really boosted my confidence so my warmest thanks go to him for making an artist very happy and if you get a moment, please do go and visit the site as it is very interesting. You will also find Susannah's original letters mentioned there as they were December's 'Item of the Month'.
I will keep you all posted as to how my proposals are going but if you have any comments or ideas in the meantime, please do post your opinions as they are all very helpful.

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