Tuesday, 24 January 2012

It's all about the preparation.

Today I have been working on a proposal for a project that is available to us on the Fine Art course where we are given the opportunity to experiment with our practice in the Lower Gardens, Bournemouth. I have had two ideas for pieces and it was suggested to me by our Lead Artist, Emma Purchase, that I actually go to the site tomorrow and test out some of my ideas. Hopefully this will have two outcomes:
1. It will be a way of seeing if each idea is actually feasible in the site &
2. I may actually get a response via this blog if it does!
My first proposal is to produce some 'information boards' around the gardens, the type that usually say 'YOU ARE HERE' for you to be able to get your bearings, however, I want to use the aesthetic of the display to start documenting what I see and hear as a way of recording how the gardens are being used, as it happens. This goes along with my fascination of social history - why someone was in a specific place at a specific time and what they did while they were there. I need to look at (if my proposal is successful) where I could possibly site these stations and how they could be sympathetic to their surroundings whilst not being susceptible to acts of god or teenagers. There are still lots of aspects to consider with this idea but I think going to the site tomorrow may answer a few questions for me.
My second proposal is more subtle and needs the help of the general public to be a success. It basically uses the same premise as the first but following on from how my ancestor Susannah used letters to connect with her sister, I am going to attempt to start a discourse with individuals by leaving notes/correspondence in areas of the site where people may stop for a while and happen upon them. This is the idea that is more exciting for me and I think has a great deal of potential but needs the most thought and experimentation.
All of this of course is entirely dependant on the weather! I am watching the skies and if it looks fair, will head down tomorrow afternoon to start this process. So if you find yourself there and happen to see a letter, please take time to stop a while and be part of the art. If you have found yourself at this blog because of one of my 'notes' then welcome! Feel free to leave a comment as I would love to hear why you were there and what you thought.......

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  1. Dear SusannahAli, I may visit your Art in the pleasure gardens, so I may see you, but in case I don't I really hope your voyage through the social fabric goes smoothly. I also suggest you add to the acts of teenagers and gods, the acts of unruly pidgeons and seagulls, they can really create a diversion!