Tuesday 26 September 2017

Thirty Days hath September - Day Twenty Six - Yacht Club Beginners

A very privileged view for a workshop today, sitting above the water at The Royal Motor Yacht Club at Sandbanks, watching the boats come and go while watching the beautiful scenery across Poole Harbour.

So, why was this a challenge? It wasn't exactly a chore to be in these amazing surroundings today teaching my favourite subject of Mixed Media. However, there were people in the room who had never painted before - not a jot - and so. their expectations and future hobby were in my hands.

They had already decided as a group that they wanted to paint the view of The Needles, an apt choice as many of them had sailed around it as it's not far from where we were sitting. I gave them lots of fun things to play with including Brusho (of course), watercolour ground mixed with sand and white biros. We took it nice and steady, a stage at a time and they achieved some fabulous results with good humour and acceptance of me nagging them to stop faffing, step away from their pieces and as one person said 'the tappy tappy stuff'. That's Brusho...just in case you were wondering.

Here's my piece:

But much more importantly, here's theirs:

Aren't they fantastic? Not only had most of them never even heard of the materials I was suggesting but they have all turned out differently, a testament to their creativity coming through, no matter what their skill level.
I'm having the evening off tonight, I hope you all understand so it's bath, Bake-Off and a very large G and T, may you all enjoy a similar evening...

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