Wednesday 20 September 2017

Thirty Days hath September - Day Twenty Part Two - Day Eighteen Revisited

I said I wouldn't go back - I lied!

I wasn't happy with the piece from Day Eighteen, it was too cutesy and not me and yes, I know they can't all be a resounding success but it's like a nagging itch in the back of your head - does this happen to any of the rest of you out there?

Working with Claire at Edie Mae's exposed me to more unusual equipment that you don't tend to come across in art land, in this case, really beautiful stencils. Now as you have probably deduced by now, I love the inclusion of text in to my work so when I saw that Claire had this amazing stencil, I had to buy it immediately.

Now equipped with stencil, paint and a sponge I decided that nothing could possibly be lost from adding some 'embellishment' over the top of the piece, so now it looks like this:

It's still not perfect, would I do the whole thing like this again? Probably not,
but I dislike it a lot less now and I can go and 'shush' that nagging in the back of my head while I create other things.

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