Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Day Three, live from The Priest's House

So, my blogging 'view' today is a little different. Usually I am sat at my desk, inspirational pictures pinned to the wall ahead of me, but today I am lucky to have a live view of the beautiful gardens of the museum.

Also I am testing out my technology and using my iPad to blog for the first time, so it will be interesting to see whether I can grapple with it and find a good 3G signal to be able to upload!

Today is a relatively quiet day in terms of my project and a day for experimenting and reflecting. I have installed three white plinths in the room today which house three different screen prints of three different artefacts from the room. I have attached plaques which describe the objects from a curatorial point of view and instructions encouraging the visitors to take a print away with them. The purpose is to get the audience to think about what they take away with them from a visit to a museum and what information they retain when they have left.

I was a little uncertain as to whether this idea would work or not, and how much encouragement the visitors would need to participate but I am glad to say that one of the first sets of visitors through the door were very interested in what I was doing, and were more than happy to have a 'souvenir' of the room.

Today I am also lucky to be having a reflective meeting with the Head Curator, Emma Ayling and no doubt we will discuss at length the various aspects of museum display, audience and interaction. I am looking forward to taking some of her very precious time talking about my project and making plans for the future.

I am also looking forward to tomorrow, as I get the opportunity to work with the museum's education programme, but more about that in my next post....

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