Thursday, 25 April 2013

Day Four, a day of experiments

A blog in sections today, as I am here, there and everywhere, so apologies for the disjointed entry....
It is the start of the day and I am waiting to begin a day of working with the museums's education programme by encouraging people to come to the museum and work with me and the collection. I am hoping that people will drop in all day and be able to participate in all the elements that I have prepared. The main event today will be asking the audience to draw specific pieces of the collection, but their only reference will be a description I have written and by listening to my singer De's sung version too.
I have no idea if this will work as a concept, but it will be interesting to see how each person interprets it and I have prepared many opportunities for people to feedback information via sheets and I will also try and persuade them to let me film them. It has surprised me how reticent people are to be filmed, even with assurances that it will only be seen for research purposes. Is it just the thought of being captured on camera or that people are wary of their comments being verbalised? Interesting....
So we will see how it goes today and I'm sure I will have a lot of valuable information for my research by the end of the day.

A very interesting day, I was fortunate enough to have people dropping in all day - friends, colleagues, students and visitors all eager to see what I was up to and very willing to participate in the various aspects of the project that I have built up over the week. People found the drawing experiment quite difficult but as many of them said to me afterwards, once their pencil had touched the paper they were off on an exploration of shape and context. Most found that they would be more careful in future to consider an artefact rather than dismiss it and everyone said that it was an interesting project and made them feel included in the room and the museum as a whole.

So I am off now to my 'day' job at Walford Mill Crafts, where I will be teaching a class tonight, but I am looking forward to tomorrow which will consist of sound, display and a tea party!

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