Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Day Three of Thirty...

...even if it is a bit late!
I have just arrived back from an amazing day at the headquarters for The Society for all Artists (SAA) and just wanted to tell you all about it as soon as I got home. I was fortunate enough to be invited to film a web clip for their website to help to promote both myself and their organisation.
When I demonstrated for them in London at the end of July, I was struck by what a friendly and helpful team they were, and today just reinforced that opinion. Myself and the two other artists I was with - Paul Acraman and Peter Millward - were met by the SAA's Managing Director Richard Hope-Hawkins and immediately given a very friendly reception, followed by an incredibly informative day of learning how to present to camera, filming our web clips and given a complete tour of the SAA's facilities in Newark. Paul and Peter both demonstrated their skills of acrylic painting and chinese brush painting respectively, and as we were incouraged to watch each person film their 'bit', we were able to swap ideas and support each other. You can see more of Paul's work here.
I had so much fun doing mine, although I can't tell you what I said as it passed in a bit of a blur! I will have to wait and see the finished result when it has been edited together and published on their website later in the month.
So tomorrow is Day Four and jam packed! In the morning I will be recovering from the four hour journey back from the SAA and preparing for my latest exhibition at The Bistro at Walford Mill Crafts with the amazingly talented photographer Krishula Auckland (Krishula's website), then in the afternoon I begin the first of many collaborative projects with contemporary aluminium maker Caroline Parrott (Caroline's website) and then the evening will see my first official class at the new studio - a beginners taster session in watercolours - which is fully booked. So just how I like it, busy, busy, busy...oh and the studio is open to the public too!

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