Saturday, 7 September 2013

Day Seven of Thirty

Wow! What a busy week!
I thought that Thirty Days might start with a bang but never thought it would begin with such a pace. So since we last spoke, day four saw my first class in the studio which was a very successful taster session for complete beginners who wanted to have a try at watercolours. It was a lovely evening and I met some very interesting people, who I introduced to watercolour paints and pencils and they were very successful with their new found skills.
Days five and six saw me hanging my latest exhibition with the amazingly talented Krishula Auckland at Walford Mill and taking part in some fascinating experiments with Caroline Parrott which, although they didn't go according to plan, will probably turn out to be great collaborative pieces next year.
Today has been a complete joy as it was the first all day workshop in the new studio and it was great to have all the equipment I needed right at my fingertips. We were doing some experimental printmaking, using a variety of relief techniques but ended up talking about making cards, gift tags and even a discussion on stitching back into our work. I had a great time...
This week I have been thinking about posting a few videos on to this blog, describing some of the techniques I use and here is my very first. It's no Cohen brothers production but hopefully you will see a little more of how I paint and the tolls I like to use. This video short shows me using a tool to remove masking fluid and if you would like to see anything specific in future, just let me know and I will do my best.

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  1. Your style hasn't changed at all. Just love it! Love, Lin S.