Friday, 20 April 2012

Time for some experimenting

When your car breaks down and it's hailing outside, something tells you that you need to stay in and experiment. Today I am looking at the actual way I can document what I see and hear while I am in the gardens and how my documentation will look in the displays that I have built.
The concept is to document conversations, observations, really anything that I encounter while I am at my 'station' in each of the three locations whilst experimenting with aesthetics associated with writing, drawing and traditional correspondence. So this morning I have been looking at traditional writing implements - dip nibs, holders, indian ink - and styles of writing. With only a week to go (eek) I can't master the art of copperplate handwriting and after a few hours at it, have found it really doesn't suit the way that I write at all. So I have created a kind of 'hybrid' lettering drawing on traditional capital letters and my own, more staccato, lower case. I think that this is probably the compromise that I am after and while I like a challenge, don't want to make things too difficult for myself as this whole event is going to be such a leap of faith anyway.
So. happy with what I have got so far, this afternoon will see me experimenting with drawing the views I see in my locations and how I can pull the two disciplines together. Please visit again to see how I get on......

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