Sunday, 29 April 2012

A slightly damp update

Well the weather has not been kind to us but we are artists and we adapt to circumstances!
All the artists converged on the gardens on Wednesday, all prepared to start putting work up but everything had to be delayed until the Friday as the rain was just too incessant to be able to do anything constructive. As far as my pieces went, I am glad to say, the night before I gave the surfaces an extra layer of silicone which I am now very grateful for.
Friday was very exciting seeing months of planning and construction finally go up and as my pieces were one of the first to be assembled, the public started to interact with them almost immediately. One thing I have to thank the weather for is that the storms held off for our private view, which was a glorious evening. The Mayor and Mayoress were genuinely impressed with what we had all achieved and a good time was had by all.
Now comes the hard work! On Tuesday I have the first of two assessments where two tutors come down to the gardens and critique my work. These sessions are interesting and you never quite know how they are going to pan out, but hopefully it will give me a bit of a kick towards what to discuss in my end of year presentation. So now I am going to spend the next few days documenting, drawing, recording and writing so that I have plenty of information to call upon when I stand up in front of my peers at the end of the term. I will keep you posted as to what I am planning – stay dry everyone!

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