Friday 17 May 2013

A long but productive week

This week has been tough. Our degree show has started to be installed and in order to install it, our year group is required to be in the studios every day for as long as we possibly can. The technicians on our course encourage us to make it fun but by the end of a week that has seen people getting soaked in a skip, scraping year old paint from a vinyl floor and working in very close proximity to each other, I would challenge the most ebullient of individuals to retain their cheery disposition. Group show installation is always a challenge, it is just not possible to work with 54 other people (and creative types at that!) and all get on like a house on fire. However, I am very lucky that I have been able to work with some amazing people so I feel like I have managed to dodge most of the personality clashes and apart from us all being exhausted, we have been a fairly cheerful bunch.

 Although not very clear, here are my classmates Amy (Queen of Skips) and Katy, slashing a hole in one of her own canvases...

Apart from the technicians, tutors and my peers, my family and work colleagues have also been incredibly supportive this week. I haven't been able to be at my desk at Walford Mill much this week and have returned home exhausted every day so when I hear derogatory remarks about students and art students in particular, I make sure that I put people right about how hard they have to work but also what a strain a degree can put on their nearest and dearest.
Next week is our hand-in. The date which it all comes down to. So I will try and blog again before then and let you in on the last minute research I have been doing.

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