Tuesday 13 May 2014

A juggling act....

I don't ever like to complain about what I do, as I feel very fortunate to have the career that I chose, but it would be lovely if just occasionally I was able to catch the tail I'm constantly chasing! This blog is a little feast or famine for me (how is it possible that social media can make you feel guilty for neglecting it?) but all I can say is that I'm now back in the land of making, painting and teaching. This week the studio is frantic with planning for Dorset Art Weeks, which opens on Saturday 24th May, and it will not only be the first year for the studio but will be the first year that I will exhibit independently.
I am really excited about opening up to the general public and getting my first set of visitors, other than those who come for classes, it will be a lovely opportunity to meet new people and show what I do. I will be posting regularly during the event, so please do pop back to this blog. I will be a much better blogger (unless I'm painting, of course)......

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  1. Ali, again I see you here at the precipice of your first DAW after just having witnessed, well as much as one can from across the pond, your most recent DAW in May/June of 2021. My, are you able to see just how far you have come from this first show? Love, Lin S.