Tuesday 5 November 2013

Not what you do every day...

Sometimes an opportunity comes your way which you would be nutty to turn down, no matter how much it scares you. What is it people say? 'Feel the fear and do it anyway', well yesterday I was given the great honour of being invited up to Newark, to the headquarters of the Society for All Artists, to film for their very popular programme 'A Splash of Paint' which airs on the Painting and Drawing Channel on Sky.
I had been before to film a web clip ( which you can see here ) but this was going to be very different as I had prepared 3 paintings to demonstrate, all 26 minutes each. Yes, 26 minutes. Not 25 or 27 or 'that's near enough' but 26 minutes of what I hoped was going to be encouraging and useful information for all abilities of painter. Now, those of you who know me well will appreciate that when I'm given a set of instructions, I do tend to make sure I'm well prepared, but this isn't as easy as simply practising. How do you anticipate how long a wash will take to dry? What if you have to deviate from the plan and paint elements in a different order? How would I be able to show something worth watching for that period of time? (I couldn't decide if it would be all over in a flash or feel like an eternity).
All I can tell you is that once I was in the swing of it and my nerves were pushed to one side, I had the most fun I have ever had demonstrating. That would not have been possible however, if it had not been for the team at the SAA, who were just phenomenal. They are warm, friendly, professional and fantastically efficient which made my job there a joy and I would not have had nearly as much fun without their patience and willingness to help me out. I would particularly like to thank Gary and his team in the studio who taught me so much about presenting and were encouraging and fun whilst being incredibly professional at all times.
So my contribution will be aired next year sometime, and don't worry I will keep you informed, but until then, pop over to channel 191 and watch this very informative programme. Alternatively you can catch up on-line at any time via this link Enjoy!

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  1. Ali, you have no idea how badly I was hoping that link would still be functioning! To see you in the very beginning...! Well, I know you were smashing and to hear that "it was the most fun you've ever had demonstrating," doesn't surprise me in the least! Love, Lin S.