Sunday 28 August 2016

The only useful blog.... one that the artist remembers to update!
As usual, my life at the studio has been taken over with teaching and planning the 2017 classes and therefore, this blog has become seriously neglected. A small summer spring clean of admin should help now though and I will attempt to pass on more information through this site.
So have you all had an artistic summer? What have you all been up to? Let me know what artistic discoveries or experiments you have found won't you? I always love to hear from you as sending this blog out in to the ether is surreal at the best of times.
Personally, I have been experimenting with fabrics and trying to introduce new colours in to my palette rather than falling back on the old favourites. I'll let you know how I get on in due course. In the meantime, my 2017 class brochure launches on the 1st September and I am looking forward to chatting to you all about it.
Until we read again......

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  1. I have been updating my journal whenever we have a day out, or a holiday, trying to make sure I do at least one sketch on each location to go with my write-up.