Tuesday 26 March 2013

Digital Experiments


After a week of research at the museum and assembling the 'to do' list (which amounted to 66 items) of what needs to be achieved before my residency, I started to look back over my degree tutorials in an attempt to tie up some loose ends. Every tutorial in the last four years has been a unique experience, some great advice, some terrible advice, positive responses to my work and thankfully not very often - negative responses to what I create. The tutorial I had last week, I'm glad to say, was one of the best I have ever had simply because I felt like I new what I needed to discuss and it was met with enthusiasm and a whole bunch of fantastic ideas to add to my train of thought.
When my piece 'The Archive' was installed at university for the day, participants were eager to engage with the instructions left inside and did leave me with the start of some very interesting information of why they visited. It was suggested to me by my tutor that I digitise this information in some way to be able to analyse it and I have spent a couple of days looking at database programmes in order to do this. I started with Excel but quickly realised that I don't know enough of the workings of the programme in order to use it effectively in the short space of time I have to complete this project. I then looked at apps and began to use the one pictured above - iDatabase - which was so user friendly but after inputting all of the information, it occurred to me that this information would only be available to me or those who also have the programme so I started again. Using Google to explore my dilemma, I decided to use Google Spreadsheets which could be accessed by me anywhere and also be made available to the museum when the installation and my residency have finished. Then of course there was the issue of how I could then get my audience to access it too, so here goes, let's hope that this works and gives you a small insight into the information I am gathering and how it looks when put together. Let me know what you think....
The Archive Database

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