Tuesday 24 April 2012

The day before the chaos

So, tomorrow is the 'put up' for Benchmark. I feel scarily calm at the moment but I am sure when we all arrive in the Lower Gardens, it will be very different. Wednesday and Thursday will be spent making sure everyone has what they need and Friday is the opening but in actual fact my pieces aren't going up until Friday as I have already tested that they work in the space and won't take me long to install.
The last few days has seen me refining the work that is going on display and for me, this is the most fun part. After a lot of tutorials and late night discussions with my very practical and down-to-earth boyfriend I came to the conclusion that as the whole piece is called 'Are You Here?' it required some sort of visual map. So as you can see from the photographs, I have (quite clinically) illustrated the views that are directly in front of the information points in order for the rest of the piece to take shape around.
I have been thinking a lot about Susannah this week and as always, have returned to her correspondence to provide me with that little spark of inspiration that is required when I need it most. So I have been feverishly practicing my copperplate handwriting and experimenting with how I can document what I see and hear while I spend time in the space. I am actually quite excited now about what is going to happen over the duration of the exhibition. I will endeavour to keep you all updated as it happens so all I need now is to do a little sun dance and pray for good weather! Hope some of you can make it to the exhibition and if you do, make yourselves known it would be great to include you in my piece.

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